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Our Law Office offers a wide scope of services under any branch of law:












Civil Law


Including all cases involving obligations and property law. Claims arising from contracts, eviction, protection of personal rights, protection of ownership and possession, cases concerning cancellation of joint ownership, establishing easements, including utility transmission easements, usucaption cases and many more.

Family Law


Cases concerning divorce, child support, division of property, annulment of marriage, determination and disavowal of paternity or maternity, establishing contact with the child, parental responsibility, interdiction, care and custody, and adoption cases.

Administrative Law

In particular, representing parties before state administration authorities and local government authorities, including provincial administrative courts as well as before the Supreme Administrative Court, drawing up pleadings, legal opinions and assistance in obtaining all permits.

Assistance to crime victims

​The office pays particular attention to the issues of violence, and all victims are granted professional legal and psychological protection, where financial issues are discussed on an individual basis with each client, taking into account their financial capacity.

Labour Law

All claims arising from contracts of employment, cases concerning unpaid remuneration, reinstatement, compensation for unlawful termination of an employment contract, mobbing, determination of existence of an employment relationship, compensation for accidents at work, disability or retirement benefits.


Criminal Law


Misdemeanour Law, Executive Penal Law, Fiscal Penal Law, including provision of defence before all instances at every stage of criminal proceedings, representing the injured parties in all kinds of criminal cases, including preparation of reports of a crime, means of appeal, private prosecution and other pleadings.

Economic and Commercial Law

Mainly on-going legal support for companies, setting up companies and their liquidation, entering operators in the National Court Register (KRS), drawing up all articles of association, regulations and other legal documents.

The Office also deals with debt collection.


Succession Law

Including cases concerning confirmation of inheritance acquisition, disinheritance, partition of a succession, renunciation of a succession, renunciation of a succession on behalf of a minor, nullification of last will, pursuing claims arising from a legitime, particular legacy and instruction.

Compensation for traffic accidents

The Office runs cases concerning traffic accidents, protection in criminal cases of persons responsible for an accident and assistance in criminal cases to accident victims, as well as assistance in obtaining an appropriate amount for indemnity and compensation for pain and physical suffering.

Advocate Gliwice Divorce Marriage Maintenance
Advocate Gliwice Criminal Law
Lawyer Gliwice Compensation

European Union Law


Cases covering with their scope European Union states. Setting up company branches, cases concerning civil law, including family cases, succession cases, interpretation of regulations and directives, drawing up pleadings and legal opinions.

Lawyer Gliwice European Union Law

Real Estate Management Law, Tenancy Law, Building and Construction Law

Including cases concerning real estate management, division of real property, fusing real property, pre-emption real property rights, property expropriation and return of expropriated property; moreover, cases concerning updating the entry in land and mortgage register according to the current legal status, usucaption, protection of ownership, eviction, delivery, protection of possession, protection of land easements, cancellation of land easements, indemnity for non-contractual enjoyance of real property, dissolution of co-ownership over real property and obtaining all permits.

Banking Law


Banking and Finance Law, including provision of assistance in execution and performance of contracts entered into by customers with banks, financial settlements performed through banks, all claims relating to taking out credits and loans, cases related to bank enforcement orders and recovery of wrongly foreclosed property.

Our Law Office also provides legal assistance under Medical Law, Media Law, Investment Law, Public Procurement Law, Copyright Law and Canon Law.

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